PureMune, a new branded ingredient from Immudyne Nutritional, has a distinctive mechanism of action, according to the company: It comes with a rapid onset of action allowing for complete immune response within 3 hours, and does so at a lower cost per daily dose, which is 30 mg per day. The company says research shows that PureMune works on three key components of the immune system: dectin-1receptors, toll-like receptors, and the complement-3-receptors. PureMune beta glucan is produced in the U.S.  in an FDA-registered facility under pharmaceutical-like conditions. The company says it is odorless and tasteless and can be formulated as a stand-alone ingredient or in combination formulas, such as immune health products with other science-based immune. Data is available from the company upon request.

Source: https://wholefoodsmagazine.com/suppliers/new-products-suppliers/beta-glucan-ingredient/