The beta-glucan ingredient market has a disruptor: PureMune, a new science-based branded ingredient from Immudyne Nutritional, which has a distinctive and discrete mechanism of action, according to Mark McLaughlin, CEO.

Conventional beta glucans need anywhere between 6 to 12 days after consumption to raise clinically relevant immune response. Further, they only work on one immune pathway.

“Conventional beta glucans use commonly the dectin-1 receptor pathway, which can take 6 to12 days to induce an immune response,” McLaughlin compared. “However, PureMune comes with a rapid onset of action allowing for complete immune response within 3 hours. And PureMune does so at the lowest cost per daily dose, which is only 30 mg per day.”

Additionally, a recent study shows that PureMune works not on one, but on all three key components of the immune system: dectin-1receptors, toll-like receptors, and the complement-3-receptors. The complement immune system is the first line of defense against infection, and is also a robust modulator of inflammation, which is a hallmark of autoimmunity.

“Recent testing shows active data demonstrating that our beta glucan rapidly activates complement immunity, outperforming others from 100 to even 1000 times. This data can be made available upon request and can also be reviewed with our scientific team”

PureMune® beta glucan is produced in the USA by Immudyne Nutritional in an FDA-registered facility under pharmaceutical-like conditions, and at best economy of scale pricing. It can be formulated as a stand-alone ingredient or in combination formulas. It is odorless and tasteless.

McLaughlin added, “PureMune low dosage offers many benefits when developing immune health products as companies can now blend in other science based immune ingredients such as probiotics, vitamin C or elderberry to create optimum immune formulations using different delivery systems.”