As the world has been facing the COVID-19 pandemic, it has never been more important to prioritize our immune health. While we are all aware of the importance of hand washing, wearing masks, and social distancing, there is one thing we might be overlooking: our immune system. One way to support our immune system is through the consumption of yeast beta glucan, a compound that has been proven to boost our immunity. In this blog post, we will discuss yeast beta glucan and how it can be our best defense against viral infections.

How Yeast Beta Glucan Supports the Immune System

Supports Immune Cell Activity: Immune cells are responsible for fighting infection in our body, and yeast beta glucan activates these immune cells, signaling them to ramp up the production of molecules that can neutralize potential pathogens.

Enhances Antibody Response: Yeast beta glucan enhances antibody response by stimulating immune cells. This antibody response will help the body target and kill viruses along with bacteria.

Supports gut health: When absorbed, this compound is metabolised in the guts, and it has been suggested that beta glucan has a role in establishing the immune response and maintaining the mucosal immune system, which contributes to gut health.

What is the best way to consume yeast beta glucan?

Yeast beta glucan can be consumed in the diet or as supplements. Food sources rich in yeast beta glucan includes nutritional yeast, oats, barley, and some types of mushrooms. However, to get a substantial amount of beta glucan to boost immune health, it’s better to consume supplements. There are lots of options in different forms, including capsules, tablets, and powders.

The immune system is our body’s natural defense mechanism that fights against harmful pathogens. One way to improve our immunity is by consuming yeast beta glucan supplements. Yeast beta glucan activates immune cells and signals them to ramp up their production of molecules that neutralize pathogens. It has also been shown to enhance antibody response as well as contribute to gut health by establishing immune response and maintaining the mucosal immune system. Therefore, it can be said that yeast beta glucan is our best defense against viral infections. However, it is always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional before consuming any supplements. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, along with yeast beta glucan supplementation, can boost our immune system and help us fight against infectious diseases.